Scott Turner

Front End Web Developer


I've worked as a Front End Web Developer since 2007, here are some brands I've worked on previously.


I'm always learning new things to keep my skillset current, my skills include



A small selection of projects I've worked on both commercially and personally.

RIO Storyteller

Working @ Kantar

At Kantar I was the lead front end developer on the RIO StoryTeller project. The project was to replace an existing application to bring it in house.

Working mostly with Angular, I architected a front end component module called KUI module to create a set of reusable and scalable components.

I integrated the front end with various APIs as needed, working closely with other members of the team across multiple locations such as Poland and India, as well as in Warwick where I was based.

Ricoh Arena Parking

Working @ Event Support Team

I was the lead front end developer at EST UK Ltd. Working closely with back end developers to create the parking website solution for the Ricoh Arena.

I created the front end for the public facing website and admin site. I also created a React JS app for staff on the gate to use for validating cars coming into car parks on event days.

Vigo Customer Portal

Working @ Vigo Software

Working as a front end contractor at Vigo Software in Redditch. My task was to modernise an existing customer portal.

I worked closely with the internal team to discuss requirements for the new portal. I created a new version of the portal by completely rewriting the front end code, as well as creating the back end API in PHP/MySQL for the front end to consume.

I was also responsible for the UI design of the project.

Crucial Trading

Working @ Cogent Elliott

I was the lead front end developer on the Crucial Trading website while I worked at Cogent Elliott. The site was designed to showcase different types of rug options that Crucial Trading sold.

One of the most challenging sections of the site was the rug configurator which allowed users to custom build a rug using swatches and other options that were retrieved from the CMS, an estimate for the rug cost could then be calculated.

I was responsible for following the PSDs from the designers to implement the front end and make the site work with the in-house CMS. Pixel perfect interpretation of the designs was expected.

Junction Eleven

Working @ Cogent Elliott

I was the lead front end developer on the Junction Eleven Photography website rebuild while I worked at the agency Cogent Elliott. I was responsible for coding the site to interface with the in house PHP driven CMS.

I worked closely with the design team to solve any issues that arose in the most elegant way.

Triumph Motorcycles

Working @ Cogent Elliott

While working at Cogent Elliott I was responsible for creating the front end HTML, CSS and JavaScript functionality.

I worked closely with a contract Red Dot developer to help solve any issues that arose with integration into the CMS.

Sarah Beeny Home

Working @ Hafele

I was the lead developer on the Sarah Beeny Home website while I worked at Hafele UK. My responsibilities for this project were to create a brochure website advertising a range of Sarah Beeny endorsed handle ranges, which Hafele supplied.

I worked closely with the designer to create a solution that worked well across different device types.


Working @ Fish in a bottle

At Fish In A Bottle I worked as part of a small agile team assisting with front end work for a greenfield project called You42, a social media website for discovering and sharing music, movies and more.

Scott & Kate

A website I created for our wedding. The site features a gallery of our engagement photo shoot, details about the bridal party, gift list and useful info pages.

I also created a page where guests could request a song to be played at the wedding reception, this was achieved using Firebase and JavaScript.

Solihull Young Dancers

Working @ Solihull Young Dancers

A freelance project, the design and build of a website for the Solihull Young Dancers ballet school. The project involved redesigning the site from scratch to make a responsive and modern website.

Code Examples

Some demo apps and other code I've created.

Other Projects


The Daily Word Conundrum Game.

Inspired by the success of the game Wordle I decided to create my own word-based game called Wordrum, it’s a full-stack web app developed with NodeJS for the API layer and React on the front end. Designed to be device agnostic.

There are 3 rounds to play, with a new challenge everyday.

Play Wordrum